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  • How To Avoid Descent Into Depression  By : Christopher Green
    Stop Single Events Causing Major Mental Trauma
  • 5 Facts You Need To Know About Depression  By : Christopher Green
    Why there is no single magic bullet to cure stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Depression - Treating It Naturally  By : Kathy Ferneau
    Treat depression naturally, and avoid drugs and expensive therapy.
  • Trapped by depression?  By : Stan Lewis
    If you are feeling lost, then set yourself free by setting priorities and goals for yourself. After doing so, stick with your priorities - your goals and you will find that you have escaped the trap of depression. Maintaining your focus with Godly purposes and priorities will greatly aid you in avoiding the snare of depression.
  • Depression And Relationships  By : June23
    Depression can be a very lonely illness and your relationships are a key part of how you cope with your depression. You need friends for support. Not just good weather friends but friends who can support you when you’re down. If one of these friends is also depressed it is not necessarily a bad thing. You can understand each other and perhaps be there on each other’s bad days (but not if you’re having a bad time at the same time). However, you need to be conscious when choosi...
  • Postpartum Depression  By : Rene Graeber
    Women around the globe are resenting the day that their bodies will go through a transformation.

    When postpartum depression kicks in women often feel sluggish, unconnected to reality, and often undergo several other symptoms that include depression.

    Women that undergo postpartum depression (PPD) often go through bouts of crying uncontrollable and very seldom do they understand the cause. There thinking is often irrational and their emotions are often tangled. One minu...
  • Depression And Recommendations For Successful Treatment  By : Justin Brown
    Depression is highly common, and chances are that up to half of the number of people you know have been or still are affected by depression. It is a mood response that is often brought on by strains or stresses in our lives that can affect our self-esteem, health, and well-being. Read on for some great tips to combat depression.
  • Treatment For Clinical Depression Is Highly Accessible  By : Carol Evans
    One of the most difficult afflictions to acknowledge in oneself is a mental or psychological disorder such as clinical depression. The common Judeo-Christian perspective offers a philosophy of individual strength and the ability to overcome emotional difficulty without aid, a “pull up your socks” attitude. For this reason, it can be very difficult for people who struggle with depression to come to grips with the fact that they cannot pull themselves out of the state by themse...
  • Teen Depression: Is There A Hopeful Outlook?  By : Sandy Baker
    Teen depression strikes one in five children. This is a very frightening number. Depression is anything but a good thing. It happens to anyone, in any lifestyle, in any income range. Most of the time, it will not be noticed until it becomes a large problem
  • Understanding Depression Symptoms And Solutions  By : Ray La Foy
    Unfortunately, due to this misconception many choose to suffer alone with a condition that may or may not go away on its own.
  • Depression is an Illness  By : Joseph Then
    Depression is not a laughing matter in most cases. This is a treatable disorder, as long as you seek medical help from your physician. One thing is that people think that they are going to go through this alone but you do not half to.
  • Acknowledge Your Depression  By : June23
    Depression is an illness and needs to be acknowledged as such. It is not a reason to be ashamed. The reason so many people fail to seek help for their depression is that they are ashamed. Unfortunately, this is one of the feelings associated with depression anyway and makes the illness difficult to acknowledge.

    If you are constantly feeling particularly low, well-meaning friends might tell you to “snap out of it” or even start to get irritated by your mood. Your depressio...
  • World Peace by Meditation, the End of Poverty and Anger, Stress, Tension, Depression, Sorrow, Hate.  By : Swami Satchidanand
    Eliminate poverty? End war and create world peace? The unifying field that Albert Einstein sought has been within us all the time, in the "unbounded consciousness" of the mind. "There is one unity, unified wholeness, total unified consciousness,"
  • Putting Feelings Of Depression To Perspective  By : Joseph Then
    Did you ever feel like you are not wanted around or rejected? I bet that it passed after a while but when it doesn’t just what would cause it, could it be a sign of depression?
  • The Truth About Depression  By : Graeme Notega
    You’ve probably seen the commercials on television talking about the “you” you used to be before depression set in. Such commercials are generally aired by drug companies promoting an anti-depressant. But what these commercials fail to tell you is depression is common, and not everyone who feels down or blue is suffering from depression. You need to know the facts about depression before you and your doctor determine you are indeed suffering from this illness.

    That’s right...
  • Natural Ways To Treat Depression  By : Gray Rollins
    Depression is a medical condition that affects the mind, often leaving the person suffering from it feeling hopeless, without ambition and unable to focus. Left untreated, this condition can adversely affect academic achievement, family life, friendships and careers. People tend to seek help from a mental health professional who may prescribe mood balancing drugs. Most, however; use an alternative form of medicine for a more natural treatment in tandem with drug therapy. Mild...
  • How Is Depression Treated?  By : Gray Rollins
    More than eleven million people in the United States suffer from depression each year. This medical condition that affects the mind can have lasting effects such as a feeling of hopelessness, lack of ambition and an inability to focus. Depression can affect all age groups and genders, but is more prevalent in women. Consulting a mental help professional such as a psychiatrist is beneficial to obtain proper diagnosis and treatment. This condition can adversely affect school, h...
  • Know How To Overcome Depression  By : Robert Thatcher
    There are times in a person’s life where loneliness and lack of contentment is experienced. Depression is a state where an individual feels bored and sad. This feeling can be disturbing especially when a person seems so low and cannot overcome the obstacles that he is experiencing.

    Many have thought that this emotional problem is not that serious to worry about. Studies have proven that this state of depression can be an illness and must be treated. Some depressed people m...
  • What Is Depression?  By : Marc Lindsay
    When a person starts to feel depressed, the brain is releasing a mixture of chemicals into the bloodstream and changing the way the brain functions. It is also caused by other external factors, for example a particular situation, what another person had said, and more.
  • What is Bipolar Depression?  By : Marc Lindsay
    The difference between depression and bipolar depression is in the severity mentality and behaviour. A person suffering fro bipolar depression is said to have manic episodes. It’s a severe episode and will repeat itself four times in ten years on average when untreated. The manic episodes can be predicted because it usually runs in a cycle that is distinguishable to each character.
  • Coping With Depression  By : Marc Lindsay
    Often a person who’s suffering from depression will feel disconnected from society and reality. It can cause isolation and can also pull them away from friends, family, work and can lead to loneliness.
  • Energy Enhancement Meditation, the Pleaser, Blamer, Vamp, Tyrant, Self Destructor Manic Depression  By : Swami Satchidanand
    As the False Negative Emotions of Anger, Manicism, Seeking Sympathy and Attention, Depression and Fear are Eliminated, Emotional Integration with the Intelligence results in Willpower and the Power of Doing.
  • Depression - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment options  By : Knut Holt
    The main symptom of depression is sadness or low mood level, but many other mental and physical symptoms also occur. Here are symptoms, causes and treatment options explained.
  • Depression And Anxiety Could Be Cured By Natural Supplements  By : J Schipper
    Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem, and include panic disorders, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety disorders develop due to an interplay between enviromnental and genetic factors. Cognitive behavior therapy is useful for this disorder, as well as prescription anxiolytic drugs.

    However, many patients prefer a natural approach or dislike the side effects of prescription drugs, and t...
  • You Can Deal With Your Depression  By : Stanley Popovich
    You can manage your depression and your fears. Here is a short list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their depression and fears.

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