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  • 4 Benefits of Long Term Trading vs Short Term Trading  By : Mark Crisp (Stress Free Trading)
    Both short term trading and long term trading can be effective trading strategies, however, long term trading has several significant advantages.
  • Safest Ways to Invest in Uranium Companies  By : James Finch
    In Situ Leach (ISL) mining of uranium has been growing in popularity. About 21 percent of the world’s nuclear reactors are now fueled by uranium mined using this method. The three top areas for ISL mining are the United States, Australia and Kazakhstan. How do you evaluate the many uranium companies now developing their ISL operations?
  • 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Investing...  By : Jason Chew
    Don't throw your money down the drain! Do a checklist of the 7 Things you really must know before start investing...
  • It is Important to Start Investing Early  By : Mika Hamilton
    By investing the money wisely, typically starting off with investments that build slowly but steadily, you are able to better ensure you have money for your later years.
  • Car As An Investment  By : clive green
    Why do people invest in cars? How important are cars in the life of an individual? Can we consider a car an investment or is it only a luxury?
  • Finding Your Match: The Art of Meeting the Right Investors  By : Stephen Furnari
    Finding the right investors can be a lot like dating. Making the right moves can lead you to meeting your match.
  • Can You Get Rich Investing? Yes, But Think Differently!  By : Denson Kelley
    Remember back in the 1990s when a lot of people either retired early or became wealthy? It was relatively simple. With stock prices going up, up, up, I knew a lot of people who simply invested part of their paychecks. They ended up with several hundred thousand dollars in profits from their constantly rising stocks.

    I knew others who had already amassed several hundred thousand by the time the stock boom came along. They were millionaires by the time the 1990s ended.

  • NAD Coins: The Eight Best Reasons to Invest  By : Desiree Schoeman
    It's not enough to invest your money in Funds and gold coins only. You have to invest, but you have to do it wisely. The wise businesman knows that his best investment is in his own, his family's and his business' health. NAD Coins can deliver unique benefits to such investors looking for superior value and performance. Here, Nutrimalaika provides key benefits of active investing.
  • Tips For Investing In Real Estate  By : Gray Rollins
    Over the last several years, real estate investment has been the center of much interest. Infomercials abound about the money to be made by real estate investment. Reality television shows concerning fixing houses and reselling them are in great abundance, and a new American dream has been born. While real estate investing can be quite profitable, it’s not as easy as they make it look on television. You must know your market area very well and while there is potential for gre...
  • Success from High Yield Investment Programs  By : William Tan
    Whenever one hears of the words High Yield Investment Program, it isn’t unnatural to find people shivering in their boots.
  • Online Trading: Should You be a Trader or Investor?  By : Joel Arberman
    Millions of people invest in the stock market and many have thought about becoming a trader. Should you?
  • What's in an Investment Newsletter?  By : Joel Arberman
    Stock Newsletters are often packed with biased information. Investors need to be skeptical of what they read.
  • How to Avoid Investment Scams  By : Joel Arberman
    Investment scams are occuring very frequently. It is important that investors validate and verify everything they are told to reduce the chances of being defrauded.
  • Signs of an Objective Investment Research Report  By : Joel Arberman
    It is very easy for people to publish investment research reports. However, many of the reports are really paid advertisements or not validly issued.
  • E-Gold Currency Exchanging: A Well Oiled Cash Machine  By : Carlos Cruz
    It’s a common situation to find yourself wanting more money. The fact is, it’s not easy finding a business you can start and profit from.
  • E-currency Exchange: The Perfect Home Business  By : Carlos Cruz
    Many people realize that they want more money in their life, these are regular people that just want more out of their lives and they want success as much as the next man. These are hard working people that just have had some bad luck financially and maybe they have even been burned by others a couple of times.
  • E-currency Exchange: Learn Your ABC's  By : Carlos Cruz
    Are you making enough money? Do you want another stream of income? Would you like it if you didn’t have to work as hard? We know what you want. You want more money, less work and less stress.
  • How To Communicate Value Proposition And Return On Investment  By : Paul Lemberg
    As part of my continuing series on Value and Pricing, the following article shows you how to position your company's value contribution to support the highest value-for-value exchange.

    Too many business owners, when asked about the value or ROI of their product or service, shrug their shoulders and say, "I can't really put a value on it." If you can't put a value on it, think how hard it is for your prospects and customers! And if they can't put a value on it, how likely i...
  • To Invest Or Not To Invest, It’s Only Your Future Were Talking About Here!  By : chadm
    In this article we'll explore some common sense no-brainer tips for investing so you won't break the bank next time you take a risk!
  • Investing for the Inexperienced  By : Dave Smith
    The range of options for investing your money can be bewildering to the new investor.
  • Microcaps Can Be Big Investments  By : Scott Bianchi
    September 11, 2001 was a defining moment in the history of our country. Prior to this historical date the Department of Homeland Security was not even created and airport security was just like any other industry. Investors have capitalized on the recent surge in this sector. As most investors do, they go for the bigger companies and bigger name stocks when investing. As a result there are many micro-cap stocks that get overlooked.

    Micro-cap stocks sell for $5 or less per ...
  • An Introduction To Investing In Penny Stock  By : Sammy Chim
    Learn how to get started in investing in penny stock with and choosing your stock broker.
  • Investing In Gold Coins And Bullion  By : Davin Michaels
    The first known coins were minted in the mid-seventh century B.C. Coins revolutionized the conduct of commerce.

    Alexander the Great introduced a regulated and universal coinage throughout his empire. Coins were typically engraved with the likenesses of rulers and deities, providing a historical snapshot. Coin collecting started in Renaissance Europe. Wealthy

    Europeans collected Greek and Roman coinage.
    The United States minted its first gold coin in 1795. From then un...
  • The Magic Bullet Theory Of Investing  By : Chris Cooper
    Sadly, too many people believe that the successful in our society got that way through luck. So their financial plan is based not on earning and investing money, but waiting for their fairy godmother to show up.

    Some “miracle” roads to riches:

    The Lottery

    What better way to get rich, but to play the lottery. Even though the odds are 200 million to one, somebody’s got to win – right? Why not you?

    The ancillary to this is gambling. Go to Vegas or Atlantic City and b...
  • The 46.3% Marginal Bracket  By : Ken E Morris
    Despite the new tax rate reductions of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, the top marginal tax bracket for many retirees is a whopping 46.3%. Why? Because Social Security benefits are subject to income tax. Those affected are Social Security recipients who have the good

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