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  • Wait Before You Delegate  By : Stephanie Graham
    Whenever we talk to others about being overwhelmed, one of the first suggestions we hear is “Delegate!” Well, if you’ve come to realize that it is something that you definitely need to do, take the steps to do it right.
  • The Modular Office  By : Daniel Roshard
    Modular office is a great way of solving your office space problems, from construction sites to golf courses, a lot of businesses are using modular office solutions today.

    Modular offices can be found throughout the country, in all regions and areas, this is mainly due to the fact that modular office building has progressed significantly over the last decade or so, and modular offices today can be used as a multi functional moveable spacing solution, the modular office can...
  • Are You Mentor Material?  By : Tim-Knox
    Typically, there are three things every good mentor should have: time, patience, and a genuine desire to help another person succeed without expecting anything in return. If you have an abundance of those things, then being a mentor can be a highly r
  • What Makes A Good Leader? Ask Uncle Sam  By : Tim-Knox
    In a recent study conducted by the Army War College, subordinates of the major generals who are leading the war efforts in Iraq were asked to rate the performance of their superiors
  • Get Your Performance Appraisal Discussions Off to a Good Start  By : Dave Smith
    Here are four suggestions that will make the performance appraisal discussion more relaxed.
  • Your First Quarter Review – Are You Awesome Or Average?  By : Michael Clark
    One fourth of the year is over. How are you doing in meeting your goals? How are you doing compared to your budget? In my last article, I talked about how business systems aren’t just for big business. Guess what? Neither are goals and budgets.

    Big businesses put tremendous effort into creating detailed budgets and detailed goals each year and checking their progress against them monthly and quarterly. Investors eagerly await the announcement of quarterly earnings and stoc...
  • How to Be An Effective Team Leader in Your Cleaning Business  By : Steve Hanson
    Whether your cleaning business has 2 employees or 20, it is important that your staff works together as a team. Working together as a team helps to create a more positive workforce, is valuable for sharing ideas and energy for problem solving, and provides more bodies to share the work and responsibilities.
  • The Vital Few  By : Paul Lemberg
    Back in the 19th century, an Italian economist quantified the general relationship between a minority of producers and a majority of output. Sound familiar? The simplified version of Vilfredo Pareto's ratio, known as the 80/20 rule or the Pareto Principle, says that in most cases, 80% of production comes from 20% of producers.

    Quality guru J.M. Juran referred to Pareto's principle as "The Vital Few and the Trivial Many". If you are running a company, the 80/20 rule has po...
  • How To Make Mistakes  By : Paul Lemberg
    Promoting risk taking and eliminating fear of failure.

    It would be a mistake to try to avoid all mistakes. Indeed, it would be a colossal blunder to attempt doing things right the first time, every time. In todays light speed economy, ("new" economy and "old" economy) if you don't fall on your face both regularly and painfully, you are likely to end up dead instead. The only people not making mistakes are ones playing their game without risk and without novelty - and I mig...
  • Quickbooks Tips  By : Kimberly Bagley
    QuickBooks is a great accounting program for home-based businesses to track their income and expenses. It is easy to learn and simple to use. It has a great Help file. You do not need an accounting background to be able to generate reports such as a Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet needed for tax preparation and managing your business. I have listed a few key points to consider when using QuickBooks.

    Cash or Accrual Basis of Accounting? The first step in setting up your c...
  • How To Get Your Staff To Bend Over Backwards For You No Matter What  By : Joy Gendusa
    The constant struggle to get people to want to work for you is an enigma most business owners wrestle with. I have isolated successful methods through growing my multi-million dollar company from the ground up. In my experience it all comes down to how you want to be treated. I was raised in a lovey-dovey family where my parents wanted me to feel great about myself. Maybe it is because I was raised Jewish and all Jewish mothers think their children are superior – who knows......
  • Solid Time Management For Net Marketers  By : Tim Whiston
    There are an endless number of ways an individual can get organized and make the most of their time. Here is the very simple method I use to keep my day to day efforts on track.

    I have created a daily checklist that covers all my basic tasks. Here is my list, and a brief description of each component.

    1. Administrative Duties - First thing out of bed, I check all admin email accounts and respond to every message. This includes member/downline support, answering question...
  • Developing Effective Managers  By : ian Williamson
    Effective managers are people who possess great skills. In todays work environment managing a team requires more than just telling others what to do and how to do it. A great manager possesses the skills to motivate, evaluate, problem solve, resolve conflict and produce extraordinary results.
  • Leadership Talent: Winning The Succession Wars  By : Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D.
    The demand for leadership talent greatly exceeds supply. If economic growth continues at a modest 2 percent for the next 15 years, there would be a need for one-third more senior leaders than there are today. Who will replace your retiring executives, and how will you keep your company's leadership pipeline full?

    The demand for leadership talent greatly exceeds supply. If economic growth continues at a modest 2 percent for the next 15 years, there would be a need for one-t...
  • How To Select A Consultant - The Three Imperatives  By : Bob Selden
    If you’ve ever been faced with the task of selecting a consultant, or you do so regularly, Bob Selden of the National Learning Institute provides some helpful hints and perhaps some new approaches to selecting the most appropriate consultant.
  • Yes and No - Effective Decision Making  By : Martin Haworth
    Every decision we make, in business, in life in general, is bounded by just two options. Like an on-off switch, we make one or the other - there are no variances to this. Because it's as simple as Yes or No - and so often we get it wrong...
  • Creating Breakthroughs  By : Paul Lemberg
    "The world we've made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking" - Albert Einstein

    Runaway success is never based on incremental improvement. I know this is a very bold statement, but bold statements and even bolder results are what breakthroughs are all about. What about in your company - what would constitute a breakthrough? Would you like to increase overall productivity by 40%? Of course ...
  • Lean Change: Applying Process Improvement to Change Management  By : Dutch Holland
    For companies to thrive in today’s world of continuous change they must be continuously changing. If so, then change becomes a process constantly at work - just like any other business process they practice. And process improvement techniques - like Lean Manufacture - can be used to get really good at it.
  • Attracting (And Keeping) Top Performers  By : Paul Lemberg
    Good people are hard to find, the saying goes. For example, by the year 2000 over 190,000 computer programmer and other information technology jobs will be vacant, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report. (This is now a bit out of date, and although the dot-com bustups and the 2000-2001 recession has eased things a bit, it is still difficult to lure top talent.) It may be easy to fill these empty positions if you are a software giant like Microsoft, but there is a tr...
  • How To Be a True Business Leader  By : Liane Bate
    If you run a business, online or offline, and you want to attract new customers and keep them coming back, there are a few important qualities you must possess. If you don't, you need to start building them now!
  • Are Your Supply Chain Management Employees Thinking Domestic or Global?  By : Sherry Harris
    Global supply chain management has emerged as a major topic in the age of globalization and now it is sitting at the heart of the whole system. But you might be asking yourself, so what exactly is supply chain management and how can it affect my company?
  • Maintaining People Places & Retaining Staff  By : Karin Syren
    Let’s switch our emphasis from creating People Places to sustaining them. As we maintain focus on the human element, taking a universal position on the importance of the human element, we will continue to play a role in our own solutions. Today, we’ll concentrate on top performers, and on the difference between management and leadership, understanding that while these are simple principles, they are not always easy.
  • Efficient Hiring Practices  By : Gail Metcalf
    Small businesses must have efficient hiring procedures in place to grow their business. Hiring the wrong employee could end up costing you big money.
  • Trophy Q&A: Corporate And Employee Recognition Awards  By : Elena Trumbo
    * How often should recognition awards be given to employees?

    It actually depends upon the employer or the company itself. The maximum frequency of awarding is monthly, but some companies reward weekly. Some companies like pharmaceutical companies usually give awarding ceremonies every six months, depending on the performances of their agents. They usually give incentives or even cars to the agents who have reached the quota of sales.

    * Is it better to give an employ...
  • Document Security – Not Just Paper Shredding  By : D. David Dugan
    What is document security? Why is document security important to me? What are the best methods my company can use to enhance document security? Is it expensive to do? These are some of the questions you may have about document security.

    In this article, I will explain more about document security and why it is important that your business implement some sort of policy or plan to improve the way your employees and you handle documents.

    Almost every business has documents...

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