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    63 ViewsDecorate A Room In The Tropical Style  By : Gregg Hall
    In the home decorating world, the tropical look has never been hotter. The casual and warm styling with natural colors and cool textures bring forth unique rooms that show great style while offering a relaxing environment.
    62 ViewsHow To Monetize A 1,000+ Page Site In 5 min. Or Less Without Violating Google's Adsense Policy!  By : Dean Hall
    As webmasters, writers and authors we all want to find ways to maximize the profitability of our content. We employ a variety of methods such as Adsense, Yahoo Ads, links to affiliate products of all types but there are a couple of problems. There is the sheer time involved in creating these links and then keeping them updated to the most relevant and profitable products. To avoid a Google penalty you must use text-based affiliate links, as noted previously this can be a monumental task.
    62 ViewsAffect Of Alcohol On Women  By : David McCarthy
    Women and Alcohol

    It is often quoted that females have a lower tolerance to alcohol than males and this is an indisputable fact but few people ever go on to tell exactly what the affect is and why. Hopefully this article will help shed light on exactly what happens when you drink alcohol and why you often do things that you regret later. Also give some insight into what alcohol actually does to the brain. This is not an anti alcohol article, it is presented in the hope tha...
    62 ViewsHow To Get Nice Muscle Tone And Build An Attractive Muscular Body  By :
    Misconception and ways to muscle toning and building an attractive muscular body.
    62 ViewsHow To Increase Your Charisma  By : My Relationship Tips
    We often wonder why there are certain individuals we simply abhor. While there are certain individuals that we simply love without no apparent reason at all.

    We wonder why someone as violent as Charles Manson even after he was convicted with the Tate murders still hold control over his many followers. While someone as good natured as Vic Bugloisi (Manson's prosecution lawyer) was hated by Manson's many followers?

    Ah, charisma! Some people have it, some people don't. Wha...
    61 ViewsTaking advantage of Open Source PHP MySQL applications  By : tcwicks
    1) Where can I find a decent Intranet Application?
    2) What about a good Groupware application?
    3) What about a custom search engine for our intranet pages?

    These questions are asked quite frequently in hundreds of forums.
    61 ViewsThe truth and dangers of smoking  By : Rob Mellor
    “Smoking is injurious to health”; this is the caution advice that we read on all cigarettes packets. Still we go ahead to take that puff of ecstasy. Why? Are we trying to be ignorant or is it something else.
    61 Viewsyour guide to Clear heart arteries  By : John Gibb
    An article discussing possible ways for Clear heart arteries.
    61 ViewsShower Filter Handheld Options For Your Convenience  By : Susan Dean
    We all know the importance of drinking and showering in filtered water. Now you have the option of showering with a shower filter handheld spray. Lots of people these days like having a spray head that is hand held for a much more efficient and convenient wash. These shower filter handheld types come in many colors and designs to suit your decor and needs.
    61 ViewsRelationship advice you can't afford to miss.  By : Burrel Lee Wilks III
    Would you like to know how to fall back in love with your partner, or find a new love? Would you like to feel in control of your relationship again? In this article Burrel Lee Wilks III shares some more of his signature "life coaching without sugarcoating."
    61 ViewsHow To Deal With A Suicidal Person - A Five-Point Suicide Prevention Plan  By : Rene Graeber
    In helping a person deal with suicidal thoughts, it is best to combine the approach of treating the underlying mental disorder and treating suicidal tendencies directly.

    A five-point suicide prevention plan, dubbed SUPER, is presented below:

    1. Savoring love. The social support system of the person with suicidal thoughts must let the people concerned know about the emotional condition of that suicidal person. A suicidal individual may feel that he is alone amidst many ...
    60 ViewsThe Health Aspects Of Chocolate  By : Elli Potrelli
    Chocolate is relaxing. It’s calming. It soothes our nerves and makes us feel good. And we often think of it as a sinful indulgence. But it doesn’t have to be. If you choose your chocolate wisely, you can enjoy it without the guilty feelings we normally associate with it.

    What Are the Healthy Aspects of Chocolate?

    By eating small amounts of the right chocolate, you will enjoy the many health aspects of chocolate. Chocolate contains high levels of potassium and magnesiu...
    60 Views5 Ways To Relieve Migraine Headaches Naturally!  By : Dr. Larry A. Johnson, D.C.
    Most people just take a pain pill, but how safe is that? If you are worried about taking potentially dangerous medications for your migraine headaches maybe you should try one of the many safe and effective natural approaches that are available today.

    There are many new migraine headache treatments available that can be both safe and effective. Natural treatments for migraine headaches are usually safer and cheaper than traditional pain medications. And in many instances t...
    60 ViewsStudent Health Insurance  By : Joseph Kenny
    Health insurance is increasingly important. With the rate at which medical expenses have continued to rise over previous years, and the reductions in government funded health care programs, being without health insurance is less an option today than ever. Many young people have never had to think about health insurance as their parents have always taken care of this aspect of life for them. But for many kids setting out for college, health insurance is one thing you can’t aff...
    60 ViewsHow To Cover Gray: Your Complete Guide  By : Jenny Andrews B
    Gray hair is stubborn and it can sometimes be difficult to color. In some cases it turns a smoky unnatural color and in other cases it simply does not cover at all. So, how do you get 100% gray coverage each and every time you color your hair?

    The key lies in choosing the right color for your hair type. There are several types of colors including temporary (washes out with 1 shampoo), semi-permanent (washes out gradually over about 4 weeks) and permanent hair color (will n...
    60 ViewsGet Rid Of Your Stuff! Declutter Your Life  By : Clare Evans
    Do you have drawers and closets full of clothes you don't wear? Rooms full of junk taking up space. Are you a bit of a hoarder? How much stuff do you have in your house that you don't really need or use? Now's the time to have a good clearout and here's how to do it.
    60 ViewsHome Remedies for Stomach Cramps  By : Kevin Pederson
    At some point of time or the other we have all experienced muscle cramps. They can occur anywhere in the body and can cause undue pain and discomfort.
    59 Views10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase Your Traffic  By : William R. Nabaza of
    10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase Your Traffic
    59 ViewsDays To Get Pregnant - When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?  By : Olinda Rola
    Are there better days to get pregnant? When is the best time to get pregnant during the reproductive cycle?

    The best days to get pregnant will generally be the time when ovulation occurs. To better understand when is the best time to get pregnant, here are tips that are related to getting pregnant:

    1. Know your most fertile time - generally, ovulation occurs about 14 days before your next menstrual period begins. That means if your menstrual cycle is a 28-day one, that...
    59 ViewsFlood Insurance  By : Joseph Kenny
    There are many risks that people are accustomed to insuring against. These will include, health insurance, auto insurance and fire insurance. There are others that are less familiar, such as dental and flood insurance but there are many reasons why you should reassess the insurances you currently have in place and perhaps consider relocating them to cover the risks that you are most afraid of experiencing.

    For example, did you know that losses due to floods are thirty tim...
    59 ViewsFinding the Perfect Blouse for your Body Type  By : James Monahan
    It is important that you find a blouse with the right cut and style that will not only emphasize your best assets but will also hide your problem areas.
    59 ViewsSocial Security Benefits After Divorce  By : Jean Mahserjian
    Divorce does have effects on your social security benefits.
    59 ViewsBoys and Puberty: 7 Tips On How To Deal With Acne  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Many people think that boy's puberty and acne are not a cause for concern but boys might disagree. Acne can have an affect on the self esteem of the young man and makes this transitional time harder to deal with.
    59 ViewsModern Golf Drivers – Hitting Farther  By : JP Book
    A month before our big golf tournament this summer my partner made me go out and buy a modern 460cc driver. He said it would help my game and help the team. Being a team player, I bought the new driver and took it to the driving range and quickly learned a few things. I had a hard time consistently hitting the ball, but when I got a solid hit, the ball went farther and I had more control. I made a few calls, got some advise, came back to the range, practiced what I learned an...
    58 ViewsGive the Gift of Self esteem for Christmas!  By : Dorothy
    A kind word to boost our self-esteem and Christmas cheer will be more than welcomed by all. While shopping for that special gift, choose something that will send a self-esteem thought. To show someone appreciation and love, is itself a true gift. When we give, we feel good in ourselves, so in actual fact we are receiving at the same time.
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