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    72 ViewsJelly Beans Are A Delicious Easter Treat  By : Gray Rollins
    Jelly beans are a favorite Easter treat among children and adults both. Who does not like their sweet candy coating and their chewy insides? You would have to be crazy not to! Jelly beans make a great addition to your candy bowl and your Easter basket. In fact, jelly beans are the good old standby that parents all around the world depend upon when they need to add just one more thing to their son or daughters Easter candy list.

    Jelly beans come in all different colors. You...
    72 ViewsShower Filter Handheld Options For Your Convenience  By : Susan Dean
    We all know the importance of drinking and showering in filtered water. Now you have the option of showering with a shower filter handheld spray. Lots of people these days like having a spray head that is hand held for a much more efficient and convenient wash. These shower filter handheld types come in many colors and designs to suit your decor and needs.
    72 ViewsRemove Nyxem Virus  By : Edward
    The Nyxem virus has begun to wipe crucial files from infected computers. Nyxem.E is a nasty worm that can spread by mailing copies of itself as an attachment to address book contacts in a user's e-mail client.

    Nyxem has been programmed to delete a number of common document format files such as Power Point presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe Acrobat PDFs, zipped and PSD files starting on the 3rd of February and the third of every month thereafter. Bes...
    72 ViewsHow Chocolate Is Made  By : Gregg Hall
    Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, and cocoa beans come from the equatorial zones of South America. Cocoa is also grown in Africa, having been imported to that continent a long time ago.
    72 ViewsBenefits and Drawbacks of the Internet as a Research Source  By : Marv Ko
    Researching can be a time consuming task, whether it be for a news article, term paper, or simply general interest. Researching on the internet is quite convenient and has many advantages, but in turn, has some disadvantages also. Is internet research right for you?
    71 ViewsSo you want to sell online.  By : 3:16 Designs
    So you wanna take the jump and open a online shop?

    Scared at the cost or even where to start?

    Look no further I can help you set everything easy with out the need of a web designer. How and why you ask are you gonna tell us this wh
    71 ViewsBook Binding Basics  By : Kael
    Whether you’re looking for a new way to bind your collection of scrapbooks, or are creating your own journal or personal appointment books, you’ll want to know about book binding that you can do yourself. Here are a few tips and suggestions for making sure that your books look professional and presentable—even if you’re binding them at home.
    71 ViewsWhen You Are Dating Body Language Can Tell Your Secrets  By : Yaroslav Shakula
    In the world of dating, body language can be a more reliable way to tell what somebody is thinking and feeling than what they say. Singles flirt through body language, so learning a bit about body language reading can help you tell who is romantically interested in you, even in crowded bars or at parties full of people you do not know well. Body language can provide you with clues about who might be inviting you to get to know them better.
    71 ViewsThe Characters Of Yugioh  By : Dave Anderson
    The wildly popular Yugioh franchise has spawned a number of popular characters that are familiar to fans worldwide. If you’re new to the world of Yugioh, here is a run-down of the most popular Yugioh characters.

    The main character in the Yugioh series is Yugi Moto. On the outside, Yugi Moto appears to be a shy and reserved student at Domino High School, but he leads a secret life of danger and excitement. He is a dedicated student of the Duel Monsters game, and a loyal fri...
    71 ViewsHome Sales Flyer Helps Sell House in One Day  By : Jeanette Joy Fisher
    The Woodward family in San Jacinto, California needed to sell their two bedroom starter home to make room for a second baby. No sales activity was happening with a street sign and advertising. After they rewrote their sales flyer using Internet marke
    71 ViewsBailiffs The Law And Your Rights  By : Geoff Hibbert
    What to do if you are visited by a bailiff collecting debt.
    71 ViewsApply Eyeliner Like A Professional  By : John Morris
    Many people think they already know how to apply eyeliner, and by all rights, they do a good job. In actuality, there is a big difference between the way you might apply eyeliner and the way a professional make-up artist does...
    71 ViewsRelationship advice you can't afford to miss.  By : Burrel Lee Wilks III
    Would you like to know how to fall back in love with your partner, or find a new love? Would you like to feel in control of your relationship again? In this article Burrel Lee Wilks III shares some more of his signature "life coaching without sugarcoating."
    71 ViewsThe Curtain Cart – When Color, Texture and Design Matter  By : Charles Kassotis
    There are many things to consider when searching for the “perfect” window coverings, including fabric, utility and color.
    71 ViewsBest Time To Plant Grass Seed Depends On Your Climate  By : Jessica Deets
    No matter where you live, having a lush lawn is a possibility from seed if it's chosen wisely. The key to making it work is knowing the best time to plant grass seed and understanding what kinds of seed will produce the results you're looking for.
    70 ViewsWOMEN (What We Are)  By : Dorothy
    WOMEN are like the ocean. When they feel loved, their self esteem rises and falls like the ocean at its wildest time. A woman‘s ability to accept and return her love is usually a reflection of how she sees herself.
    70 ViewsVitamin Potency comparison  By : John Gibb
    Our guide for a Vitamin Potency comparison
    70 ViewsHow To Deal With Difficult People Part 3 - The Passive Aggressive  By : Tony Fiore
    Thirty-three year old Roberto had promised his wife Tina that he would be home after work in time for her to attend her weekly "women's group" at her church. Having only one automobile, Tina was completely at the mercy of Roberto's promise.

    You guessed it! Roberto did not show up until 8:45 PM-way too late for Tina to attend her meeting. Rather than being apologetic, however, Roberto explained to Tina (who was outraged at this point) that he "couldn't help it" because "I h...
    70 ViewsBoys and Puberty: 7 Tips On How To Deal With Acne  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Many people think that boy's puberty and acne are not a cause for concern but boys might disagree. Acne can have an affect on the self esteem of the young man and makes this transitional time harder to deal with.
    70 ViewsBaby Boy Names – Its All About Tradition  By : Michael Barrows
    What are the trends in baby boy names in the UK and the US? This article examines the continuing popularity of more traditional baby boy names in a rapidly changing society.
    70 ViewsSetting "Expectations of Success" For That New Employee  By : Paul Phillips
    Recruitment is expensive and challenging. Setting some standards early on will help you do a better job and also show how successful you are.
    70 ViewsBenefits of Eating Fruits  By : Kevin Pederson
    Fruits, goldmine of vitamins, minerals and fibre are ideal to consume at least 4-5 servings in a day. Since they are in the natural form, account for largest part of water and 100% bad cholesterol free, it's much easier for the body to process and absorb the vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit.
    69 ViewsJust Say No to Sign and Wait – 10 Steps to a Fast Action Start  By : Marie Gervacio
    So you just signed up for a new, exciting opportunity… wait did you realize?
    69 ViewsHow To Keep The IRS Off Your Back And Out Of Your Life In 2006  By : Wayne M. Davies
    Sorry to crash your party, but as we bring in the New Year, it's also time to bring in a New Tax Season. As a small business owner or self-employed person, one of the easiest ways to keep Uncle Sam off your back and out of your life is to file your forms, payments and other paperwork on time.

    Over the next four months there are several key dates that you dare not forget! Here they are -- all in one place, along with links to the IRS website PDF file for that particular for...
    69 ViewsThe Perfect Rep Range For Building Muscle  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    No matter what you read or who you talk to, everyone has their own opinion of what the "perfect" rep range should be to allow for maximum muscle stimulation and growth. In this article I’m going to clear up the confusion once and for all and teach you the truth about choosing the most effective rep range for optimal muscle-building results.
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